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Dynamo builds beautiful, intuitive digital experiences for startups and other innovative organizations.


There’s definitely a method to our madness here at the studio. Have a peek at our step by step process...

Process Process-tablet-portrait Process-mobile-landscape Process-mobile-portrait


We start off each project by working with the client to define the high level scope of work. That’s studio-speak for “What’s the goal and how do we get there?” Here we estimate things like deliverables, time, cost, resources, and what team we’ll put in place to make it all happen. Once we’ve got a plan of action we gather the team for Kick Off.

Project Kick Off


Kick Off

This is the part where our creative minds huddle together to hash out what our vision is and how we’re going to bring it to life. We conceptualize, strategize, and then get organized. By breaking the project up into bite-sized pieces, we’re then able to order them based on priority and assign them to the appropriate team member. Then we get cracking...

Morning Meetings



Every morning the entire studio gathers together for a brief meeting where each team member has the chance to share what they’re working on for the day, and to report recent successes or learning experiences. Okay fine, maybe not every morning. We’re human!

Create, Create, Iterate


Create, Create,

We break up each project into small, manageable chunks and tick them off one by one; strategists, designers and developers alike. These chunks of progress are then released to the client in stages at various check points. This iterative process keeps everyone in the loop as projects move forward. Go team go.

Review & Evolve


Review &

Once the project has been successfully completed and released (woo!), the entire Dynamo team meets up to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and how we think we can improve for the next go ‘round. And we might even pat ourselves on the back with a traditional Dynamo wine o’clock. Yes please.

Project Kick Off